SOTD 01/11/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
L'Occitane Cade Shaving Soap & Plisson Synthetic
Ever Ready 1914 (Bakelite Handle) & GEM Stainless (4)
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Pashana Original Aftershave

Face Lathered
One Pass - WTG (Slide)

I've been very happy with my two pass shave but between technique and just the right razor, I really wanted to get it down to a single pass ... and enjoy a daily shave rather than an every other day shave. With this shave, I clicked with just the right razor to achieve that! This is my razor. The one. I've always liked the 1914, but this one seems to be the 1914+ shaving absolutely perfectly, aggressive and effective.

Fun to use the L'Occitane gear at long last and great to finish with the Pashana, an aftershave I think I'd probably say is my favourite. He says holding his hands over the metaphorical ears of his vintage Pinaud Lilac Vegetal bottle.


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