SOTD 30/11/2015

Bulldog Face Wash
Bay Soap Company Grapefruit Shaving Soap
Ever Ready 500N w/Synthetic
Ever Ready 1912 'Popular' (Prototype?) & GEM Stainless (6)
Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Witch Hazel Toner
Blue Stratos Aftershave & EDT
Nemat Majmoua No.1 & Surrati Black Musk Attars (Wrist)

Face Lathered
One Pass - WTG (Slide)

Ah! That's better ...

After a couple of enjoyable days getting to know a Japanese kamisori razor, I'm glad to be back to single edge.

What a lovely razor this one is! I bought it in a proper beaten up old tin, something akin to a prototype version of the 'Popular' set and the razor therein was lovely! Short lined handled, squat head with an unusual stamping inside - Ever Ready Safety Razor Made in USA. Perhaps not a prototype but a throw-back, a later model as "Safety Razor" was something we'd see inside later Star razors. The inside of the tin is not like the regular 'Popular' sets. So, prototype or throwback? Who knows? Lovely to use, anyway ...

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