SOTD 20/01/2016

20th January 2016

Bulldog Shower Gel
Calani Gentleman Shaving Soap
Muhle Silvertip Fibre
Face Lathered
Star 1912 & GEM Stainless (3)
Single Pass - WTG (Slide)

Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Witch Hazel Toner
Brut Original Aftershave
Jacques Bogart Signature EDT
Pinaud Clubman Hair Tonic

That's better! After a couple of disappointing soaps, I was very pleased with the thick and immediate lather that was produced from this Calani soap. The scent is classic and classy. Perfect for a follow on with Brut & Clubman.

The more keen-eyed amongst you will have spotted the etching on the cap of this 1912. I believe it is one of the last and like may Star razors made in Britain, was destined for the French market.

I have seen these with the etched cap on Ever Ready baseplates, in Star boxes; something I thought was a mismatched set made up by the seller, but upon reflection I think these were a deliberate using up of parts at the very end of the long run that the 1912 had ...

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