SOTD 27/02/2016

27th February 2016

Bulldog Face Wash
Santa Maria Del Fiori Firenze
Semogue Italian Barber (Limited Edition) Boar
Face Lathered
Schick Golden 500 & Schick Super Stainless (Dutch) (1)
Single Pass - WTG

Hot Rinse, Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Witch Hazel Toner
Alt Innsbruck Aftershave Cologne
Haramain Mystique EDT
Surrati Black Afghano Attar (Wrists)
Pinaud Clubman Eau de Portugal Hair Tonic


Great to have a classy soap to use with that really quite excellent aftershave. Tobacco and mint actually does make sense, even in winter.

Great, too, to be back on the Schick Golden 500 this time with a Dutch market Schick Super Stainless blade which I found smooth from the off. Fingers crossed for a good run with this blade ...

Surrati's Black Afgano is a rounded blend of oudh, coffee, tobacco & hash, classier than Swiss Arabian's, greener ... if you catch my drift.

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