SOTD 03/05/2016

3rd May 2016

Trumper's Eucris Shower Gel
Wickham's 1912 Club Cola
Omega 10098 Professional Boar
Face Lathered
Gillette Hybrid Tech & Gillette Silver Blue (2)
One Pass - WTG (Slide)

Hot Rinse & Cold Rinse
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal Aftershave Tonic (Vintage)
Trumper's Eucris EDT
Pinaud Eau de Quinine Hair Tonic

I'm putting Wickham's forthcoming soap through its paces - it's called 1912 and it is really quite special. My first thought was, "Oh, my!".

I'm on my third run with it now and really have it dialled in - it's a wonderful soap.

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