SOTD 09/06/2016

9th June 2016

Cold Water Shave

Bulldog Shower Gel
Wickham's Master Lather Parma Violet
Vie-Long American Style Horse
Face Lathered
GEM 1912 'Shortie' & GEM Stainless (5)
Single Pass - WTG (Slide)

Cold Rinse & Alum Wash
Brut Original Aftershave
Jacques Bogart One Man Show EDT
Pinaud Clubman Hair Tonic

My initial enthusiasm for this brush is starting to wane ... dealing with a horrid tangled mess after shaving is not the way I want to finish. Likewise, the scritch is just not right for me - it feels like a cheapo boar.

Re-knot coming up, no doubt ...

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